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La Coolrunner la plus complète pour optimiser au mieux votre Glitch.

RGH 1 et RGH 2 XBOX 360 compatible.

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Includes All Current Fixes & Tweaks for the XC2C64A RGH Design (CoolRunner Rev C)
RGH1 PLL_BYPASS Cleaner Switches (680pF, 150pF, 100nF, 68nF, 47nF Caps) (Multi-Cap Addon)
RGH1 & RGH2 CPU_RESET Cleaner Switches (1k, 2k, 3.3k Resistors and 470pF, 560pF 680pF Caps) (CPU RESET CLEANER)Corona Support
High Quality Branded 48.000Mhz Crystal (No cheap quality knock offs - gives higher performance) (CORONA QSB UPGRADE)
50 Ohm Micro Double Shielded & Grounded CPU_RESET Cable (Only 1.53mm and up to 6Ghz passband)
Enable/Disable C15 Jumper
Enable/Disable 10 Ohm Jumper
Optimized timing for each motherboard version
Easy programming via JTAG
JTAG CK3 Power Plug Included for LPT (JP4)
Power LED
Reset Cycle Debug LED
Easy Install (Includes All Wires) Works perfectly with the world famous NANDX, J-R Programmer & DemoN

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