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Compatible con los modelos : 25xx, 3xxx et 4xxx.

Emulador de la unidad Blu-ray puede ejecutar juegos Psx y Ps2

Facil de actualizar

Necesita un disco de arranque cada vez que cambias de juego como otros Odes de otros Teams

Soporta homebrews

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Description :

E3 and E3 ODE ODE PRO V1.2 are emulators bluray player on PS3. Like the COBRA ODE and 3k3y they allow you to read copies / backups of PS3 games directly from USB media such as USB key or external hard drive. (V1.2 is the latest improved version of PRO)

E3 ODE and E3 ODE PRO :

- Support Slim and Super Slim models CECH 25xx, 3xxx et 4xxx.
- Support for running HOMEBREW and E3 ODE CFW on unbreakable OFW, include 3K and 4K console.
- Easy upgradable mode, allow user update E3 ODE and E3 ODE PRO V1.2 new functions easily.
- Select and switch, no need restart PS3 to switch a new game, protected the life of your PS3 effectively (E3 ODE PRO V1.2 only)
- Support BD movie, PS1/PS2 game (In a future update)
- Need boot disc to run game (E3 ODE and E3 ODE PRO V1.2, same as other ODE)
- The E3 ODE PRO V1.2 uses the very latest in unique technology designed by E3-TEAM to allow users to play all game without restart PS3.

Compared with other existing ODE's on the market, the E3 ODE PRO enhances the excitement of being able to play a game right away, as it reduces the frequency of restarting your PS3 console, which overall protects the lifespan of your PS3.

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